KPI YEARBOOK 2021 Constitutions Around the World


Editors: Professor Woothisarn Tanchai,Dr. Stithorn Thananithichot


KP I YEARBOOK 2021 Constitutions Around the World. 
Editors: Professor Woothisarn Tanchai,Dr. Stithorn Thananithichot
Editorial staff Wendell Katerenchuk Rapeephan Tewsakaew Apirom Suvannachat Wanpen Montong Sirikamon Chandrapanya
Nutnida Pitimol Nannatee Bouin

King Prajadhipoks Institute,2022.
ISBN: 978-616-476-243-5
Institute,2022. 320 pages,Constituions. I.Title.342.02

he King Prajadhipok's Institute (KPI) has regularly publicized the book titled "KPI Yearbook" with the aims to collect, synthesize, and analyze the political situation or significant events under the democratic regime in each period; to raise awareness in the public regarding the appealing anecdote through the academic context within society. In 2021, apart from the pandemic Covid-19 that continues epidemic and evolving constantly, the other talk-of-the-town topics in society are an attempt to amend the constitution. The diverse drafts from political groups, either the government or the opposition, as, well as the civil society who has collective expressed their willingness for constitutional amendment, have been approved for further considering in the parliament. Such movement seems to be long-lasting and endless epic.

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